Saturday, 24 November 2012

Message from Ruth Holt x

Dear Young Women,

Phew, what a week! You will hopefully have heard by now that our presidency was released at Stake Conference last Sunday.

Firstly, a word about my forever friends Emma, Leah and Julie. Whenever I meet someone new I try to take a quality or attribute I admire in them and apply it to my own life. Emma had so many beautiful qualities I had a lot to choose from! She definitely won the presidency glamour contest-even after two nights on camp she would look immaculate and unruffled! Glamour is not my strong point so I chose another 'Emma attribute', she taught me that we need not be afraid of sharing our knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; praying and reading our scriptures can be more than just a 'guilty pleasure' and we should be vocal in our love for this our Saviour's church. Emma told me today that she is enjoying retirement:) but misses you already. What a blessing she will be to her new baby when he/she arrives!

Leah was a joy to serve with and despite our age gap, we found a shared sense of humour, particularly on occasions when we probably should have been more serious (oops!) Leah typifies a virtuous young woman, her testimony shines from her. She is busy serving in the YSA ward and can regularly be seen displaying her moves on the dance floor at YSA dances!

Julie, a generous, kind hearted woman, I love her. Young women of the Stretford ward , treasure your president! She taught me that service is not always big and brash. A kind word, a quiet chat or a hug is sometimes just what Heavenly Father ordered and I ALWAYS get a hug!

So, as one presidency leaves, another begins. I am joined by Michelle Grant who is serving with me by assignment for the time being and is already proving to be all I had hoped for, getting this blog updated and word out about all the fabulous activities we are organising in the coming months. Get ready for an exciting year ahead. We are working hard already to make it one to remember... Watch this space!

I am both excited and more than a little nervous about my new responsibility (smiles, chats and hugs are welcomed!) but please know that I am totally committed to serving you, the amazing Young Women of the Manchester Stake and your devoted ward leaders. I look forward to sharing time with you, having fun with you and watching you become all that you can be. The Church is True and I love it!!!
Ruth x

Friday, 23 November 2012

Manchester Stake Youth Christmas Party...

Get the date in your diary, we would love to see you all there and bring along a friend! Make sure that you invite the girls in your ward who don't always make it on a Sunday x

By the way... which colour combo is your favourite?

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Don't Forget...

The challenge set to our Young Women by President Liptrott - keep reading the Book of Mormon and fulfil the challenge that he set! IF you don't know what the challenge is then ask your Ward YW leaders and they will fill you in.

Date for your diaries!

Make sure that you tell all your friends and come along and celebrate the 'Snowball' with the other Youth in the region. Please note: It is a 14 + dance, and please remember to be modest.
We look forward to celebrating 2012 with you and looking forward to 2013.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Yipee!! Only one more sleep to go then its Young Women Camp, I'm soooo excited.  It has come around so quickly and now after all the planning it has finally arrived.  I hope that you are all looking forward to this as much as we are, there will be so much to experience and learn.
Betsy, Stacey and your Stake Young Womens Leaders have all worked very hard to make this a great
time for you tohelp you make new friends, strengthen friendships already made and to see and do things that you may not have done before.  It promises to be a busy time filled with fun and hopefully lots of laughter as well as a spiritual experience.  This year we also celebrate 100 years of camp, so lets all ......
See you all in the morning....

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Hi girls,
Just a reminder that we will be having young women lunch at 2pm this Saturday, 31st March.  We really hope that you can come or else we will be left to eat all the pizza!!
You will also be given your pillowcases for camp and your kit list.
Lunch will be followed by General Young Womens broadast at 3pm and we are excited for this.  If we follow the counsel given by our Stake President and come with a question in our mind, write it down on one side of our pice of paper and write our impressions and feelings down on the other side as we listen to those who will speak to us, we will find our answers.
So see you Saturday, don't forget your paper/pen and your appetite and you will be fed both with pizza and spiritually.
Emma will not be there as she and Luke are away on a well deserved holiday.  We will miss you Emma but hope you have a great, relaxing holiday.  See you when you get back!    
GETTING EXCITED FOR CAMP!!!!  Not long now yipee!

Wednesday, 29 February 2012


This year the worldwide theme for Youth is 'Arise and shine forth'. We decided as a stake that we wanted our lights to shine brighter so we decided to commit ourselves to kneeling in prayer daily. 
Your challenge is to spend 10-15 minutes on your knees each day for 30 days!  At the end of the challenge contact Emma Kerr - and we will have a little presentation for each girl who completed 30 days. You have until July to complete your task and get your name in.  You also need to read 3 Nephi.  We know that as you do this challenge you will be blessed both in spirit, mind and body. 
We love you and want the best for you.
Manchester Stake Young Womens Presidency